March 18


Update On Coronavirus

By Chris Britton

March 18, 2020

The studio is open for bookings, but we are forever changed.

We are open for one on one sessions.

The Studio Is Closed – We Are Working On Remote Projects

We continue to work on online mixing and mastering, editing as well as some remote music production projects, but the studio remains closed to the public.

We are also able for remote-recording of podcasts and voice overs.

Contact us for details

Last Updated 6th July 2020

Previous Statement

We Are Partially Open

We have decided to work only with solo artists and duos in the studio for the immediate future to maintain some level of social distancing and cut down any potential Coronavirus exposure to everyone.

Obviously this is a fast-changing situation but whilst we are healthy, symptom-free and permitted we will continue to work until further notice.

You can still book online here and of course we will be in contact with any artists that we need to rearrange.

If You Feel Ill Please Do Not Come To The Studio

If you feel ill in any way, please stay away.

We now have a Zero Hour Cancellation Policy

You can cancel or rearrange at any time, even on the day. Either use the booking form to rearrange or if too late, just give us a call and we will rearrange it for you.

These are tough times for a lot of people but if at all possible please rearrange rather than cancelling and requiring a refund.

Something To Look Forward To?

Many Musicians, Studios, venues and promoters are likely to find the next few months a real struggle. If you are looking to record with us this year and you have spare money, we’d love it if you could consider purchasing some gift vouchers?

Stay Well

Chris, Graeme and Spencer


Chris Britton

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  1. Hi, I believe you know via Spencer that WolfNote had asked to rearrange our 8th April 2020 session. We are happy to go on hold until this Coronavirus lockdown is over!
    Stay safe!

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