Graeme Rawson

Producer - Graeme Rawson at Silver Street Studios

 Graeme is a rare blend of the technical and the musical. He works very closely with musicians to capture their music in a creatively sensitive way. Typically, his clients are people wanting to develop their music by adding extra instrumentation or production to their recording.

He is technically minded; with a 1st class honours degree in Music Technology, Graeme understands the science behind the recording process.  In addition to engineering, Graeme is a singer/songwriter, guitarist & synth programmer for a number of bands and a recognised composer of film and game music.

Weapon of Choice: Pro-Tools (mac)


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"Recording with Graeme was a real pleasure. We came to him with our songs and he immediately understood our style and what the best way to record us would be. He took our ideas and ran with them as well as suggesting his own that elevated the songs and made the whole experience a really creative and rewarding one."

- The August List


"Since discovering the talents of Graeme I can’t believe the results! With his extensive music knowledge and enthusiasm it’s not surprising when you hear such brilliant examples of his work. As a studio virgin, he created a very relaxed atmosphere for me and made a great experience all-round. So much so that I recorded my whole EP with him and couldn’t be happier! My playing greatly improved during this time as my songs were absolutely transformed into something I never new possible especially for a budget as small as mine. I will always be a loyal customer and would recommend him and silver street studios to anyone."

- Bruce Neil, Singer/Songwriter


"After three trips to the studio with Graeme, it is safe to say that he is a consummate professional. He has a real patience in the studio that not only makes you feel comfortable as an artist, but promotes a healthy atmosphere in which to record and encourages the best results from performers, too. His attention to detail and willingness to understand and work with any idea that you bring to him, along with intelligent and necessary criticism, definitely make him a pleasure to work with and the final masters come out sounding polished and professional. I would definitely recommend Graeme Rawson’s talents to anyone in need of a solid, intelligent and positive reflection of their sound at a fair price."

- Matt Jones, Bear & The Woods


"I found Graeme very easy to talk to and work with and knew straight away that I wanted to book when I came to meet him"- Niki Tyler - Singer/Songwriter

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Your studio always sounds so damn good

We absolutely loved it. Recording with Graeme is perfect for us, he has a great way of putting a song together and making sure we're creating something cohesive, and your studio always sounds so damn good. Can't wait to hear the finished result.

We will definitely be back, and I'll continue to sing your praises to every musician I know. Haha.

Lee Switzer - The Seasons in Shorthand

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