Get great recordings of your music and the recognition you deserve.

Find More Fans – Get Better Gigs – Sell More Records

Make Music That You Are Proud Of

Professional Music Recording Studio in Reading

Complete music production service. Helping songwriters, bands and singers become self-released recording artists since 1991

Why do I need a great recording?

Get More Gigs

Create greater opportunities for gigs and plays

Get More Fans

Get More Fans

Make Music That You Are Proud Of

Make Music That You Are Proud Of

Looking to get your songs recorded for release ?

A singer songwriter mic'ed up and ready to record.

Do you want to gain more fans, get better gigs or sell more records?

Perhaps you’d like to have promoters chase you for a change!

Maybe you’ve just decided that it’s time to make the recordings that you know your music deserves. 

For yourself – for posterity, or to finally give your music career your best shot.

Or you’ve done it before and you’re ready to make the follow up

You may have tried recording demos yourself and now it’s time to show what you can really do.

Great recordings aren’t just for signed artists.

Silver Street Studios help songwriters become working recording artists.  

As artists ourselves we understand what it’s like to put yourself out there creatively. 

You want to make recordings that you’ll be proud of, that capture you and your ideas. 

Work with us and we’ll help turn the music you hear in your head into releases in the stores and streams.

Then we’ll give you all the help you want, to get your music heard

Getting you the recognition and attention you deserve.

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Recent Releases We Have Worked On

Khamsina - Beating Back The Sky 

Malumi - Lullaby

Nobody's Birthday - She's The World


“…Quality was amazing, came back again and again and again and eventually ended up recording my very first EP and released it and now I gig all around town and I’m going to be returning to record my second EP imminently”

Bruce Neil 

Our Production Plan


Get in touch – Tell us your needs and together we’ll work out the best recording plan.


Come to the studio fully prepared and ready to record. 

You’ll be guided through the process.


Leave with a Master Recording and a release checklist – We’ll happily support your release in whatever way you need

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