Music Services

Full Music Production and Recording Services for Songwriters.

We're focused on working with artists to make release-ready recordings that really show-off what you can do and make the most of your material. 

But we don't stop there - we work to make sure that you're fully able, prepared and ready to promote and sell your work. 


In over 25 Years of service we’ve helped 100’s of artists record 1000’s of songs, resulting in millions of plays.

If you want to make the best recordings of your songs, become a better recording artist and get the recognition that you deserve - we're here to help. 

Music Production

For when you want to work in-depth on songs, for a single, EP or album.

You may like help with additional instrumentation and arrangement or maybe you want to make a more polished or 'produced' record.

Perhaps you need someone to create the sounds you hear in your head - If you're a songwriter we can help you with our Music Production services.


When you're experienced, well rehearsed or just looking to capture a more 'raw' or natural sound - much like how you play live. We'd love the opportunity to record you.

We have slightly different approaches depending on whether you play solo acoustically, or with a Full band. or you are a Singer or Rapper.  

Mixing and Mastering (Post-Production) 

Once you've completed your recording whether it's here or elsewhere, including at home you'll need a pro finish to your project. We can bring out the best with a great sounding mix. With revisions until you're happy, we're confident that you'll be delighted.

Once you're delighted with your recording and your mix our mastering service will make sure that your track sounds great next to other songs, on all different systems in all different spaces.

Video Services

If you're looking for the quickest and cheapest way to get something good for your website and social media.  Why not try our multi-camera, live performance video ( Suit solo, acoustic and small acts), check out our #ITSLive video service.

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