Music Producers

Our Producers

Silver Street Studios has a strong team of producers and assistants.

Ask us for help in choosing the right producer for your project or choose one yourself.

Graeme Rawson

Lead Producer

Patient, supportive, technical and musical. Awesome for songwriters that are developing their sound and who want instrumental help. Graeme knows what goes where and you could take him home to see your mum. You probably shouldn't though.

Sometimes works in partnership with bands to release on his Ubiquity Project Label

Nigel Firth

Music Composer and Producer

Nigel is a creative songwriter, arranger and music producer. Quick to create arrangements and instrumentation, he's written hundreds of songs with varied instrumentation. He plays guitar like a magician and cello like a monkey. As well as programming beats and synths, he bangs noises into shapes and vice versa. One half of Vienna Ditto  and not the attractive one. Still, not a zombie.

Will sometimes work with one of the sound engineers for full service productions and so he doesn't break things.

If you're an experienced Music Producer or sound-engineer and you are keen to work in a Team Production environment, please contact [email protected]

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