Vocal Recording

( For Spoken word see Voice Overs )

Performing a great vocal is hard enough

Everyone knows how much a fantastic vocal recording can improve your song’s recording. But, even with okay modern equipment available fairly cheaply this can be frustratingly difficult to achieve on your own at home. After all you’d rather be concentrating on the feel and performance than worrying about whether your levels are right.

We’re most happy when we get to work on the whole project with you but some times all you need is someone else to record your vocals well for you. Maybe you’ve got backing tracks mixed already or you want to take the files away to work on yourself in your own time and send us back to mix.

Vocal Recording at Silver Street Studios

Class and Colour

We have some truly world class recording channels to add class and colour to your voice and a variety of microphones to suit a huge range of different voices and styles

So you can have the same treatment as your favourite artist or work with us to come up with something unique.

Professional Guidance

You will find our producers extremely helpful and capable.

They can help you get your best performance using their experience, knowledge and highly trained ears in a helpful, supportive way.

What you’ll leave with

We can mix and master your recording leaving you with a finished product to walk away with on CD or memory stick. Or we can upload for  Online Distribution, we can give you the DAW files raw or we can export as processed audio for you to work with at your leisure.

  • A wide choice of microphones to suit different voices
  • An acoustically treated vocal booth
  • Visual Connection to Control Room
  • Fast, accurate editing and tuning
  • Take your files in a variety of formats, mixed and edited or raw.
  • Help with arrangements
  • Gift Vouchers available
  • Central Reading location 5 mins from Town Centre.

Recent Clients

  • Bridget Cady ( Rod Stewart )
  • Five Star

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