Recording Gift Vouchers - Silver Dollars

Recording Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers ( Silver Dollars )

Gift Vouchers are Ideal when:

  • You're a little unsure of exactly what the person you're buying for does,
  • You want to contribute to a larger session,
  • You just want to give a one or two hour intro,

Others have used gift vouchers to:

  • Record a version of their own song acoustically,
  • Produce a bigger version of their music with accompaniment from the producer,
  • Sing their favourite cover songs,
  • Get full band recording
  • Learn Tips and Tricks for Mixing Their Own Work

Recording Studio Gift Vouchers

Once the recipient has received their voucher - they can get in touch with us, talk to a producer and make a plan for their recording that suits them.

Whether they're experienced or new,  a singer or a musician, in a band or on their own - we can work with them to create a great experience and result.

And they'll be your biggest fan!

We're confident that we are able to deliver something for almost everybody in a 4 hour session - the exception would be a full band who would take at least 8.

They can add extra hours if they like, if their project is more ambitious or they would like to record more songs. 

It doesn’t matter if this is their first session or their fifteenth, whether they can play or whether they’re just along for a taster or the experience.

  • Each Voucher ( Silver Dollar ) is equivalent to an hour in the studio ( at the time of purchase and valid for a year )
  • Voucher is Valid for 12 months from date of purchase, unless otherwise agreed.
  • We will work with the artist to select the Producer best suited to their needs.
  • They will receive a CD to take away, as well as MP3 and any digital formats required.

Use the 'Buy Gift Vouchers' button below to proceed.

You will receive a customisable Gift Voucher (PDF) within a few minutes, a store receipt with unique code and a PayPal Confirmation within a few minutes. 

Need more help?

If you need help choosing a specific package - How to choose a recording gift for your friends and family or get in touch

An Update On Coronavirus 

Please Note - We are not open to the public but continue to work on projects remotely - More details -  Here