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The Process

Vocal Session Details

  • Perfect for recording to backing tracks and beats
  • Make your lyrics cut through using our world class microphones and pre-amps 
  • Work with a producer to get your best performance
  • Take tracks away mixed and mastered ready to impress. On a memory stick, CD, phone or online.
  • £45 Per Hour ( Or £125 for 4 hours )

Recent Showreel


  1. Moses - Hata Step
  2. BeeCee - One of Those Days
  3. Moses - Go The Distance
  4. Double JD - R.I.P

New - Beat Maker Sessions

Work with a hip-Hop producer to create custom beats for your tunes.

Booked in 4 hour sessions, this is the best way to stand out, make a unique sound and ensure you can release your stuff.

Terms apply. 

Subject to Beat maker tagging and reasonable royalty share.

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Creating or Choosing Your Beats

  • Choose Beat maker Session if you are looking for a beat-making service or a hip-hop style producer o contact us for more details.
  • Please have beats ready before coming to the studio for a vocal session.
  • Here's an article we've written on how to find hip-hop beats to record and release ( Coming Soon )

File Formats and Getting Them To Us

Okay, without getting too technical:

  • Please try and bring your backing tracks as .wav or .aiff files. This might cost you a bit more if you're buying from a site but it's worth it if you want people to take you seriously. 
  • You can email files to us, bring them on disk, cd's or memory stick.
  • If in any doubt please send us your files before your session.
  • We can work with MP3's if they are of a reasonable quality but there's less we can do to make them sound great.
  • Please do not ask us to rip from YouTube or take off of your phone. It's most likely unlicensed and therefore not releasable and also it probably sounds dreadful!

Booking Your Session

We book in one hour and four hour blocks. 

If you can - we'd advise working in four hour blocks, however:

  • It is possible to get a rap down in an hour if you are together, rehearsed and the song is not too complex.
  • Giving yourself more time allows you the flexibility to get better takes and perhaps do more tracks
  • Four hour bookings are at a cheaper rate than one.

Prepare and Rehearse

It sounds obvious, but please do your best to rehearse, maybe print out your lyrics too.

It'll help you make the most of your time in the studio.

Turn Up To The Session Ready To Record

Especially if you're only booking an hour, please turn up on time, fresh and ready to go! 

If you have any further questions please get in touch via our contact page

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