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Umair Chaudhry - Music Producer - Silver Street Studios Producer/sound engineer Umair Chaudhry  (Pronounced ‘uh meer’) is experienced with all kinds of music, and always on the lookout for bands and artists to record. Very hard working and diligent, Umair works with the band to produce the sound they’re after as well as contributing his years of experience in recording music and knowledge of music theory.

Veteran of the underground music scene, Umair has worked with countless bands across all genres, including Best Coast, Xmas Lights, Popular Workshop, Action and Action, Harry Angel, Dial F For Frankenstein, Witches, Terrence Mas, Ethos,The Drop, International Jetsetters, Loose Grip, Smilex, EXP, Dub The Earth and more. Umair has also worked alongside top producers such as Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers, Idlewild) and Adam Whittaker (Amy Winehouse, The Damned).

Weapon of Choice: Cubase (PC)


True to our word (for once), this weekend we recorded two tracks with Umair Chaudry at Silver Street Studios in Reading for the split with Undersmile. As alluded to in previous posts, the tracks are ‘Yeehah!’ and ‘The Inexorable March’, which will feature Mike Woodman of Thumpermonkey Lives! on vocals (hopefully to be recorded within the next few weeks). Umair will be releasing the EP himself, and it will follow hard on the heels of a split between our friends Silent Front and Ivy’s Itch. More news about release dates for both of these offerings as and when we get it. Suffice it to say that we’re very pleased with our weekend’s work, and would recommend recording at Silver Street Studios and working with the eminently agreeable Umair. Caretaker

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