Online Mixing

Online Mixing

We listen to you.


Tell us what you want, what you really really want. Send us your best mixes, send us songs that you like. Keep talking and we’ll keep listening. Mix revisions come free. If you don’t like our mixes, you don’t pay!
We want you to be 100% happy with who we are and what we’re doing for you so that  you get what your mixes deserve.
Read on if that’s what you’re looking for.

every great mix starts with good listening
Online-mixing monitoring

Mixes that sound great on different speakers

High end Acoustics and Monitoring

It’s not possible for your music to sound exactly the same on huge loud speakers, iPod earbuds and car stereos. But you do want it to retain the balance of instruments and general feel and sound good on each system.
Our purpose built, acoustically treated mix room combined with mutiple studio loudspeakers and reference headphones means that we make sure that no matter where you play it your music will shine.

Individual sounds have their own space

Analogue Summing

When you mix in a computer the sounds can be amorphous – that is without a clearly defined shape or form
To overcome this we use analogue summing on our tracks to combine individual signals into one – the old fashioned way this maintains a sense of separateness, definition and space.

online-mixing summing
online-mixing buss compression

Tight, Controlled Mixes

Outboard BUSS Compression

There is only so much space available for sounds in a mix and to maximise the effect these need to be controlled.
We use the C1 Smart Buss Compressor and not a little experience to keep the levels in check and add punch to the mix (Or take it away!)

Warm and musical

Outboard Compressors and EQ

Sometimes everything sounds too ‘digital’ especially if it never existed outside of the computer. It can feel and sound ‘unreal’
Often just processing 1 or 2 sounds out of the computer can give it authenticity and realism. We use stupidly hi-quality analogue Outboard Compressors and EQ to help warm individual sounds in the mix.

online-mixing warm and musical

Every Colour Conceivable

An awesome array of Plugins

To achieve any sound imaginable, you need to have access to, know and understandthe vast amount of equipment ever invented. From spring reverbs, rooms, vocoders. The possible ways to destroy your mix are almost endless!
We own understand and know how to use a full suite of Waves, Native Instruments, and Nebula plugins. Plugins offer the equivalent of a warehouse of equipment allowing creativity, precision and practicality to the mix process.

In-tune, in-time, no pops, bumps, breathes or clicks you don’t want.

Out of tune and out of time can ruin your mix before it’s even started.
We know every tool and technique to tame these issues in a natural and transparent way. We fix tuning, timing, and breathe issues to your taste. We also control the clicks and pops that other mixers miss!


Ready for distribution

Mastering Service

People often wonder why their music doesn’t sound good on the radio, in a club or next to other songs that they like.
Mastering is the polish that allows your music to sit well with other music in it’s genre. This is an optional add-on. Whether you use us or someone else, you should always have your tracks mastered by a professional.

Before you love it. We love it.

We’re our own best critics

Mixing is hard. Buying mix technology is cheap. Don’t mistake one for the other.

Get the ears of someone that mixes every day and has learnt from mixing lots of stuff. We know when we’ve done a good job, when we haven’t yet and when we can’t ( We’ll tell you why, offer advice, send you a present and not charge you a penny/dollar/centimes/bean.) Like we said before, like it or don’t pay.

online mixing - umairs ears

A Painless Process

Complete, Simple, Flexible online system

Obviously you can’t mix unless you can get here, spend 2 days in an airless room with us…. stay critical, get on with the engineer, explain yourself clearly and technically…..Dong! NO!
We’ll help you prepare, export and send your complete files to us as simply as possible. No stress. We’ll make it easy for you to hear our mixes, give feedback and pay when you are ready. All from where you are. Hands down the best, most complete, painless upload and commnication system ever.
Send us your best mix and any reference as well as detailed instructions.
Online Previews – We revise until you’re happy or we give up.

Get your songs heard

Digital hosting / Distribution to iTunes

Making your songs available to be heard online is easy and cheap or free these days. Maybe you’re not technically confident or you’re too busy, ask us about distributing your work.


Get started now

Click the ‘Buy online mixing now’ button to start uploading your tracks to our servers in the confidence that if you’re not happy then you don’t pay.

Mixing with the right people

We’re a proper bricks’n’mortar studio founded in Reading, Berkshire UK in 1991. We use the best of analogue and digital equipment depending on the project. We take pride in what we do and we want you to be happy.
Umair Chaudhry has been mixing for over 10 years in a variety of genres from electronic to rock and pop. He has a customer-first philosophy and knows how to translate your vision in sound. He can also use his years of experience to breathe new life into your mix.

“Mixing music is like cooking. You can’t just add salt and pepper to transform your meal! You need to add the right ingredients at the right time and in the right way”
Umair Chaudhry

online mixing - umair chaudhry - silver street studios

Primary Mix Equipment (A Selection)

  • Soundcraft Ghost 24 Channel Mixing Desk
  • SSL XLogic Superanalogue Channel – A full channel of the legendary G-Series console inc. Pre/Comp/Gate/EQ
  • Focusrite ISA 215 – 2 Channels of the Rupert Neve designed original ISA 110 Includes Pre and EQ – Smooth
  • Focusrite ISA 220 Session Pack – Channel Strip Pre/Comp/EQ
  • TL Audio PA 1 – Valve PreAmp
  • Smart Research C1 -Stereo Buss Compressor

Enjoy Our Mixes

People are talking about us

The Fleas

“! great sound. you’ve managed to squeeze every last drop of juice out of these tracks. total respect due.”


“Rob and I really enjoyed working with you, and are really pleased with all the mixes. Thanks very much for all your help! If we decide to record again later in the year, we’ll definitely be in contact with you!”

Vienna Ditto

“Umair at Silver Street is our go-to man for exemplary mixing and mastering that is loud but retains the warmth and depth of our tracks, even the high cold ones. He is fast, affable and unflappable (even in the face of projects with in excess of sixty tracks) sympathetic to a client’s vision (unless sympathy is not what is needed). He has a crystalline, almost freakishly good ear and should probably charge double what he does.”

Red Soul Brigade

“Silver Street Studios did a fantastic job with some promo tracks for our funk and soul wedding band ‘Red Soul Brigade’. We have a 3 piece horn section and wanted a warm Motown sound to replicate the kind of songs we play while being something that was still clear and energetic even on laptop speakers, of which the majority of our clients will listen on. The Silver Street team took our spec on board and delivered exactly what we wanted. “



Online Mixing – Choose Your Mix Package

To take advantage of discounted pricing be sure to select the package relating to the number of tracks that you would like mixed. The more we mix, the cheaper it gets.

To take advantage of discounted pricing be sure to select the package relating to the number of tracks that you would like mixed. The more we mix, the cheaper it gets.

Ready to go pro?