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Music Production

You know that fans, gigs, likes and record sales don’t just fall out of the sky…

And promoters aren’t exactly beating a path to your door.

Maybe your attempts at demos have left you feeling frustrated and, well – a little bit amateur.

You feel that if you don’t put something great out there that you’ll be sat in your bedroom playing to yourself forever.

Don’t go and make it worse by recording in someone else’s bedroom or worse still, some after-thought add-on to a rehearsal room.

Music Production - Bruce Neil - Moving On
Bruce Neil Singer Songwriter

…Quality was amazing, came back again and again and again and eventually ended up recording my very first EP and released it and now I gig all around town and I’m going to be returning to record my second EP imminently

Pre-Production and Preparation

We'll make sure you have everything you need to come into the studio fully prepared. 

Complete Music Production Services

Everything you need to record your song in our State of the art studio. Recording equipment, music and instrumentation - ready for release.

A Release-Ready, Radio-Ready Master

We'll mix and master your music so that it's ready to play and distribute in any format you need, on any system.

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Intro Music Production Package

Music Production Sessions

Everything you need to produce your songs

  • Full Day ( 8 Hours  ) - £200
  • Half Day ( 4 Hours ) - £125

Additional Mixing £45 Per hour or £125 fixed. Packages available

Release Yourself

"Great recordings shouldn't just be for signed artists"

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As artists ourselves we understand what it’s like to put yourself out there creatively. You want you to make recordings that you’ll be proud of, that capture you and your ideas. 

But you don't have to do it on your own.

Work with us and we’ll help to make your songs releasable and spreadable. Getting you the attention you deserve.


  • Our team of producers means you can find the best one for you and your music
  • Advice on making quick demos so that you can communicate with your producer / collaborator and get better results quicker
  • A second pair of ears to help you choose your best songs to record 
  • Our onboarding process let's you get to know us and get a clear plan for your recording before you start


  • Our experienced producers help you get the most out of your performances and ideas
  • Our producers are musicians and can help you with additional instrumentation
  • Our state of the art equipment, gives you lots of options for how you sound - all great! 
  • Our dedicated, purpose built facilities allow you to relax, focus and get in the creative zone
  • Online mixing - means we'll keep tweaking until you're happy with how the songs sound.
  • Dedicated mastering - Your final music will be 'radio-ready', and releasable.


  • ​We've released hundreds of tracks, and can guide you, so you can be confident that you can too.
  • Ongoing support and community - find answers to any future problems
  • Advice on promotion and building your music platform - everything you need to become a working recording artist
  • First access to our membership services and tools such as crowdsourcing, release, rehearsals, videos and more.

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Together, let's create your best work

Work with a producer to get your music just how you want it.

What our Customers have to say:

Shane Melaugh

“I will always be a loyal customer and would recommend Graeme and Silver Street Studios to anyone.”

"As a studio virgin, he created a very relaxed atmosphere for me and made a great experience allround. So much so that I recorded my whole EP with him and couldn’t be happier!"

Bruce Neil

Shane Melaugh

“We would not have our unique sound without him”

"We have now recorded an EP and a full album with Graeme at Silver Street Studios. During this time, Graeme has become a dear friend and an irreplaceable member of Team Malumi."

Singer / Songwriting Duo