Preparing to come into the studio


Before heading to the studio to record there are some things you can do to help make the best of your studio time.

Make Notes

Write out the lyrics and chords for your song. It doesn’t have to be super detailed, but it can really help you formalise the structure of the song for you and anyone else recording to follow.   It can also help your producer talk in detail about the different parts of your song quickly and easily.  So when you say “in the bridge section” we can be right there with you straight away.   Lyric sheets can then be used to mark great vocal takes and help with the edit.


Practice playing your song to a metronome. Not all recordings need a metronome, but certain types of music really benefit from being recorded to a “click”, pop, rock and singer/songwriters especially.  It’s worth spending some time practicing your song along to a metronome so that you can get comfortable with it before getting into the studio.  If you’re in a band it can be trickier to arrange this, so try just sending the metronome to your drummer with headphones on.  The final decision as to whether to record to a click will be made in the studio, but it certainly doesn’t harm to practice like this in either case!

Make a Demo

Record a demo and send it to us. We can learn a lot from a quick demo and it’ll help us understand you as an artist and more quickly decide on the right recording path for you. Don’t worry about quality, you can just record it on your phone using a basic app. If you want to make a more advanced demo, that’s fine too. There are now great and cheap methods for quick recordings like GarageBand. If in doubt – pick up our free guide on making an effective demo

In addition to your own demos, it’s a great idea to send us links to music that inspires you.  Here we can pick up on any common production styles that we might be able to utilise for your session, as well as aiding us in understanding you as an artist.

Now you are ready to start recording

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