Joe Dudding - Music Producer / Sound Engineer

If you’re looking for a patient, encouraging engineer with great ears and ideas to help produce your music, capturing how you sound and enhancing it - I can help

Joe was patient and encouraging, and when I got the mixes back I was really pleased with the sound

Andy Moir - Songwriter 

Working with Joe

Drum performance captured by sound engineer Joe Dudding

Your sound captured

I know how important your music is to you.

Whilst you sometimes need guidance in getting it produced, you've worked hard on your sound and you want a recording that captures your essence as well as makes the most of what you have.

"I'm an old-fashioned sound engineer but I love new technology" - Joe Dudding @silverststudios

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...with a great performance

Working in the studio can be difficult.

It's important to you that you get this right. I'll make sure that you're relaxed and comfortable with just the right amount of edge to get a performance down.

Great Performance recorded by Joe Dudding

Our Production Plan

What you'll get working with Joe at Silver Street Studios

    • An agreed plan - We will chat in detail before coming into the studio. This makes sure that I know exactly what result you are looking for. Together we'll make a plan to execute it. 
    • Prepared - I'll listen to any demos or previous recordings as well as any reference materials you have.
    • Guidance - During the record day, I'll support and guide you through so that we reach our goals, on time, in time and in tune.
    • Updates at every stage - After each recording session is done - You'll get monitor mixes to take home.
    • A mix plan - Before we mix the tracks we'll talk about my approach, how you want it to sound e.g recordings you like. I'll then get to work on the final mixes.
    • Unlimited revisions - Mixes will be posted online for comment - so everyone will be able to review at your leisure at home and over time. You can then make mix comments and I'll adjust to your taste.
    • Mastering Included - Once you're happy with the mix - I'll master it so that it sounds good on any system
Recording Andy Moir’s – Johari Window EP
Recently Andy Moir came into the studio to work with Joe Dudding on an acoustic recording for his new EP[...]

It's All About You - My Approach

Joe Dudding - Sound Engineer

The release is not about me. It's about you. I don't want to make you sound like my favourite band. My job is to highlight the best that's already in you. 

​Everybody is different, I'll work my hardest to give you the feedback that you need.

Drenched in music from a young age, I have the benefit of listening to everything from old school classic songwriters through to the stuff you'll hear tomorrow on the radio.

I love to explore new sounds and don't tie myself down to any particular genre. You and your music will be treated with interest and respect.​

    Ready to work on your record?

    • A releasable result - we guarantee that your recording will be suitable for self-release and sale, sounding like you at your best.
    • Opportunity to work with a young producer on the way up, get your music sounding tip-top and start gaining the attention you deserve.
    • Our relationship doesn't stop at the end of your session. We care about your success as much as you do. We'll always be ready to draw on over 20 years of experience to help you setup your release platform and distribution and give ongoing support whenever you need it.
    • Bookings are available from a month ahead, book now and start preparing with me.

    My Promise to You

    I promise to capture your performance and showcase your music in it's best light, with  great recordings and mixes. 

    ​So, if you're looking for a sound engineer that is focused, creative and patient. Let's talk.

    Great Results, great deal

    Andrew Porter Songwriter 

    I’m looking forward to helping out with your next recording.

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    Joe has done a fantastic job and the track sounds exactly how we imagined. 

    We wanted to get our song 'Glue' recorded to a releasable quality

    Joe was so good at completely disarming us and making us feel at ease. This meant we weren't afraid to try different things and enabled Joe to really push us for the best we could do.

    Joe Brownen - Lyke Byson 

    An Update On Coronavirus - We're Open

    Please Note - We are now working in the studio one-to-one. More Details Here