Record a Live Music Video – #ITSLive Acoustic Sessions

If you are looking to get noticed, find acoustic gigs or just need a demo quickly - Nothing shows, what you do, better than our live performance videos.

We believe that In many ways, videos are the new demo tapes – particularly if you’re looking to find an audience for your music or a promoter for your act.

But let’s face it – most live video from gigs or bedroom video kind of sucks and full production videos can be expensive or at least a major project to put together.


In The Studio Live ( #ITSLive ) - Acoustic Sessions

Come to our already prepared and ready studio and we'll:

  • Soundcheck you, 
  • Adjust cameras and lights for your unique act,
  •  Stream your performance in high quality to facebook.

Think of it as a gig, in a studio like being on later with Jools or something.

It's a great experience performing on camera, and you'll have a great video to show for it.

What You Get

Core Package

  • check
    Live and Acoustic Performance Video of One Song
  • check
    Live Streamed to Our Facebook Page and Uploaded to Our YouTube Channel. 
  • check
    A 'how-to' guide to embedding your videos anywhere plus support if you need.
  • check
    Multiple Camera Angles - Including One Roving Camera
  • check
    Studio Lighting
  • check
    Studio Quality Audio On Your Video
  • check
    Your Artist and Song name on Video as a 'Lower Third' Graphic  

If you're just starting out this is all you need to make a video that you can share, point people too. It will remain hosted on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channels for all eternity. ( Or until you ask us to remove it )

But if you're looking for a little more control then you may wish to add any or all of the items below:

Optional Extras

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    Video Files - Multiple edited versions Including Shorter Social Length Videos ( Instagram / Twitter ) for you to do what you like. E.g Upload to your own YouTube Channel.
  • check
    Mastered High Quality Audio Download - We'll record the audio separately before the video encoding lowers the quality and master it for you to use on your releases.
  • check
    Your Branding Replace all Silver Street Studios Branding with Yours.
  • check
    Stream To Your Facebook Page - Trust us, this is the most engagement you can get on Facebook right now.

Complete Package

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    Upgrade to an hour - The first half an hour is only enough for one song after sound check and video setup. An extra half hour is all performance.
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    Includes Everything from Basic Package
  • check
    Plus all the optional extras
  • check
    Complete Live Stream Event to your Channel with your Branding, Great sound and Great Video.

You can find more examples of what we do on our YouTube Channel

Ready to get your live video?

If you're ready to get some gigs, and build some attention for your music - there is no faster way than recording one of our videos.