Perform Acoustically - Get A High Quality Video of Your Performance To Promote Your Music Anywhere

Keep Your Fans Entertained and Gain New Ones Nothing shows off what you do, better than our live videos.

Video Shows Harroland - Performing ITSLive

Studio Quality Live Performance Video

Record Your Show On Our Studio Soundstage

In many ways, we think that videos are the new demos - particularly if you are looking to find an audience for your music or a promoter for your act. They show someone what to expect from you immediately and get you attention quickly.

Video is a fantastic way to connect with your fans and gain new ones but most live video from gigs or bedrooms kind of sucks. Full production videos can be expensive or at least a major project to put together and if they are merely a mimed performance of a song, they don't always hold attention as we know that you're miming!

Artists Love Our Videos

Andy Moir

... the most successful thing I've had on facebook

I have had comments from people I don't know or haven't seen in ages, and have a few new followers, so has done my profile a lot of good.  

Really enjoyed the process and felt the whole team were welcoming, encouraging and relaxing to be around.  

Andy Moir  //  Acoustic Instrumental Musician

Jack Cade - ITSLive live video at Silver Street Studios


ITSLive - Live Acoustic Shows

We've taken what's great about performing live, added great lighting, studio quality recording, and HD Video to create a fantastic result that we think could jump-start the next stage in your musical journey.

In The Studio Our Team Will:

  • Set you up in the studio ready to perform an intimate Acoustic gig
  • Mic you up for a recording, not for the club ( It Can Be Very Different ) 
  • Light you creatively for filming 
  • Add Your Artist and Song names throughout the Video as 'Lower Third' Graphics  

You Get:

  • Edited HD Video files to take away
  • Showcase Posting on Our ITSLive Channels 
  • The Space to Be Creative with In-Video Announcements and Messages to your audience.
  • The Option to Record Multiple takes For Us to Compile into one show
  • A 'how-to' guide to embedding your videos anywhere plus all the support that you need.

Three Steps To A Great Video Recording

1. Soundcheck and Setup

We'll set you up in the studio how you like. 

  • Feel free to dress the set.
  • You can choose to bring a small audience to help your performance.

2. Perform and Record

We'll record a high-quality version in the studio.

  • Audio and video will be live mixed in the control room.
  • Graphics will be overlaid 

3. Share and Distribute

Premiere Your Video on YouTube and Facebook

  • We'll help you to share your videos for maximum effect.
  • You'll receive all video files

Additionally We'll showcase the video on Our Facebook page and YouTube channel for extra reach.:

You can find more examples of what we do on our YouTube Channel

Get Started

If you're ready to get some gigs, and build some attention for your music - there is no faster way than recording one of our videos.

Select the package below and fill in your details to get started now. We'll send you comprehensive information on what happens next - How to prepare and what to expect.

The number of views has been much higher than
I expected

I've noticed more people that don't usually listen to stuff
I/we post have engaged with it, I've had colleagues and family talking
about it etc. So obviously having the personal nature of a live set as
opposed to sharing just a bandcamp link or lyric video makes a big

 But I also think a big part of that is down to the quality of
the recording, both audio and visual, which was absolutely brilliant. It
looked great (as great as I can look) and I am over the moon with how good
it sounds.

The Seasons In Shorthand //  Acoustic Folk-Rock Band


If you're not completely happy with our performance. We'll remove your video and refund your money. 

ITSLive Show - Video F.A.Q.

Do I get more than one take?

Can I play electric?

Can I bring my band?

Can I bring someone to watch?

What time should I turn up?

What if I don't like my performance?

Video of Ed Lofstedt - Performing ITSLive

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