Gift Vouchers and Recording Gift Packages

Recording Gift Vouchers and Packages

Give real recording sessions to musicians, songwriters and singers.

Choose From Our Three Gift Types:

We've made our gift offers as flexible, enjoyable and as useful as possible. 

All of our Gifts come with a Printable PDF that you can give and a code for the recipient to schedule their sessions online 

Gift Type 1

Give Them Money 

Silver Dollars - Gift Vouchers

Great if you want to contribute to a big or ongoing project or get someone started with a taster. ( Our minimum Session Cost is £45)

From £25

Gift Type 2

Pay for A Package

And get them a specific result

Packages for Singers, Songwriters and other  musicians available.

Great for first-timers, tasters and experiences.

From £125

Most Popular

Gift Type 3

Buy Them Some Studio Time

Studio Time to Do What They Like

Buy them studio time to do whatever they want with. We're versatile and flexible and can help most people.

From £200

Gift Type 1 Details

Give Them Money and Let Them Choose

Buying Silver Dollars is perfect for supporting or contributing to ongoing projects or buying taster sessions. 

Recording Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers - Silver Dollars

Gift Vouchers are Ideal when either:

  • You're a little unsure of exactly what the person you're buying for does
  • You want to contribute to a larger session,
  • You just want to give a one or two hour intro

Purchase in multiples of £25

Gift Type 2 Details

You Know What They Love - Surprise Them With One Of Our Recording Packages

Packages are ideal when you know what the person you're buying for does and you want an all in one deal.

They will no know exactly what they're getting. No hidden extras. 

Gift Type 3 Details

Studio Time

Buy Someone a Day In The Studio

A full day with one of our producers focused on their specific project. It can be recording time, music production, mixing, teaching or advice and experience.

 They'll receive a voucher to book whenever they want and plenty of opportunity to chat with us about how they want to use their time.

Need more help?

If you need help choosing a specific package you may find  - How to choose a recording gift for your friends and family useful. Alternatively please do get in touch

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