How to choose a recording gift for your friends and family

If you know how passionate your friend is about music, then you probably want to see them progress. They may sing or write music, play on their own or with friends in a band. They may just be getting started at home. With so many options it can be hard to know where to start.

We've designed the table below to help.

What all musicians need​

Gift Packages and Vouchers

At the heart of what a recording musician needs are these three things:

  1. Some music to show off
  2. A platform to store it on and play it from
  3. A way to promote it

And central to that is a great recording.

Our Starter Packages​

We’ve put together some starter recording packages that can help. They're aimed at someone starting out but we have options for those that are more experienced.

Have a look at the table below to see if there’s a package for you – we’re happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Gift Packages and Gift Voucher Matrix (Best viewed with your mobile on its side)​

What do they do?

What we call them

Beginner - More For Fun

More Experienced / Serious

They sing all the time. Mostly other peoples songs

Solo Singer

Vocal Recording Session

Music Production Package

They write their own lyrics but dont play an instrument or write music

Songwriter ( That maybe sings )

Music Production Package

Music Production Package

They play piano or guitar and sing


Acoustic Recording Package

Music Production Package

They play an instrument or sing in a band


Band Recording Day

Band Recording Day

They play an instrument but not in a band and none of the above


Gift Vouchers (Silver Dollars)

Gift Vouchers (Silver Dollars)

They write music on their computer

Gift Vouchers (Silver Dollars)

Gift Vouchers (Silver Dollars)

Still not sure? Treat them to Gift Vouchers

What a brilliant afternoon

Molly got to record some songs and find out more about producing from the very excellent Graeme Rawson. If you ever fancy having a go at recording whether singing or you play something this is the place to go.

Ian Wilson

I had a wonderful time

I would definitely recommend Silver Street Studios as I had a wonderful time being there and David had an amazing time singing. Try this place because they do so many different things to your voice that other places won't

Honor Mewis

Iona really enjoyed making the CD

Just wanted to thank you for organising Iona’s recording session and for accommodation the change of date. Once again Iona really enjoyed making the CD and Graeme is certainly good at getting the best out of her with pleasing results.

Angela Reid

Absolutely brilliant.

Absolutely brilliant. Graeme is great at putting Freya at ease and getting the best out of her. Ive never heard her stretch her range as she did on thursday.

Thank you for another fab birthday gift. We will definately be back.

Stacey Gray

It was a birthday present from my wife for my 50th birthday. 

Graeme is a great producer who never lost patience with me and he actually made me sound good!

This was my first ever recording, I now appreciate how much work goes into recording and producing songs - Fantastic

Richard Grimsdale-Yates

​All packages include a downloadable PDF voucher so you can gift the package easily.

Any package is exchangable for any other package of the same value or against custom recording. So there’s nothing to lose in choosing the wrong thing and everything to gain from trying to help. In fact they'll love you for it!​

Simple Gift Vouchers​

As musicians get more serious or experienced, they are less likely to find a package that suits them as they usually want ongoing services. Similarly you may only wish to contribute towards a session or just want to let them choose a package themselves.

In this case, gift vouchers are the best way forward. Putting them in control.

The Gift Plan


​Choose with Confidence

Use the table above to pick a package or voucher to buy.


Download and print the voucher

Download the printable PDF that will be emailed to you and gift it. 


They contact us to arrange their session

The giftee contacts us when ready and we arrange the session.

We’ve been helping musicians progress their careers for over 25 years, working with 100’s of artists on 1000’s of songs – which all adds up to millions of plays. We like to think we can help most people get started!