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What Happens In Our Live Stream Video Sessions

By Chris Britton

March 19, 2019


So you’re considering booking one of our In The Studio Live video sessions, or you’ve already signed up because you like what you see – and you’re looking to get clear on what happens in the session. It’s a gig, a recording session and a video shoot, oh and it’s broadcast live. We get it, these sessions can serve a lot of objectives – it can’t be that easy, right? Well after reading this, you’ll have all the information you need to feel confident in the process and be itching to get one scheduled.

Currently we schedule an event a month. We’ll tend to focus each event either on a lot of short performances – that we call ‘ITSLive Sessions‘ or a few longer sets which we call – ‘ITSLive Shows‘. The event’s timing varies a little depending on which type you’ve booked but you’ll be sent a time schedule when booking. Generally we’ll have everyone show up at the same time to be an audience for each other.

When you arrive the studio will be setup ready to go. We’ll just need to do short soundchecks and camera and lighting tweaks before each act goes on.

The Littlest Show

First of all it’s an intimate acoustic gig, an open-mic, with a tiny yet dedicated audience.

We find that for most people it’s so much easier to play to a gathering in the room, than to an unknown crowd on the internet.

The audience is mostly made up of the other acts playing the event and won’t be more than about 8 people.  But that’s enough to make it real.

A Recording Session

It’s a recording session, so we mic everything up the same way we would in a studio recording session, because sound matters in video – a lot.

You’ll find that a lot of live video companies direct inject most of the instruments as it makes it much easier for them, but that sounds pretty terrible to us. We aim for studio quality sound – This means using the best microphones we have, and we have a lot. Which is also why….

We Don’t Use Amplifiers

There is no foldback, no monitors, no amplification. Because It’s acoustic, did we say that already? Amplifiers ruin the pure acoustic sound in the room. This increases the intimate feel too.

So what about keyboards? Okay, if you have a keyboard, and you want to use it that’s cool – we’re not going to demand that you lug in an acoustic piano or a harmonium or even suggest that you take up the accordion. Here’s how it can work. You need to bring as high-a-quality amplifier/monitor as you can. We will turn it down, then down a bit more, then down some more until it blends in with the acoustic instruments and most importantly is quieter than the acoustic instruments ( which includes your lovely voices ) – so that our gorgeous microphones, can capture the details nicely.

It’s Mixed Live

Every sound source is mic’ed up separately. We use our considerable experience to soundcheck quickly but properly – using all of our studio tools, mixing the sound to a broadcast quality standard. Just as a live engineer would but with studio grade tools.

…Yet Multitrack Recorded

We also record the audio tracks separately, in ProTools so that mixing it afterwards IS an option, and it will sound great because we record it properly. Many artists have released their ITSLive audio, like The Seasons In Shorthand.

It’s On A Stage.

We light it, as well as we can with multiple, mostly LED lights. They’re cool, so you won’t sweat ( well you might, but don’t blame it on the lights ) and we do our best not to blind you, but it may be a little strange if you’ve never done it before.

It’s a Video Session

Currently we use 3 cameras, two static 4k Blackmagic Design Studio cameras which we fix on two different static shots that we alter for each act. You’ll barely notice these in the room.

However the third camera will be a couple of metres away with a guy behind it, zooming in on your face. Or sometimes your foot… The guy is Dan. Dan does the moving shots. Dolly-Dan moves like a ninja, he can form a tripod with his own legs which makes for some silky smooth shots. Most of the cool stuff we do is Dan’s fault.

As well as being setup for sound, we’ll tweak your position for video. We welcome a few fascinations for the set…think pictures, plants, mannequins.

Dan and Graeme work together on this, Dan is a film maker. We try and make every session unique and interesting whilst being on the same ‘show’

It’s Live Switched

Graeme chooses shots as we go, cross-fading or cutting between each one. Adding song titles, and fades. If he messes up or makes a bad creative choice, it’s there forever. When he creates magic, it’s there forever. IT’S Live – C’est la Vie.

It’s A Live Broadcast.

On Facebook, which is possibly the worst video platform quality wise but has the best reach. In particular when it’s playing live.

We started off live streaming to YouTube, but it’s pointless for us right now because getting people there is an uphill struggle.

We will always stream to both our ITSLive Facebook Page and The Silver Street Studios Facebook Page simultaneously. If you want much better reach arrange for us to cross-post and stream to your page too. 

We’ll schedule the event a week before we go live, so you can do some work sharing to your audience upfront.

It looks and sounds okay on Facebook, definitely worth doing, but FB can ruin the sync ( audio appears out of time, sometimes ) but it’ll get better. To make up for that…

We Record the Switched Stream Locally and Upload that Version To YouTube

It’s uploaded on better video platforms – our YouTube channel mostly. You can buy this recording to do whatever your want with or you can just share our version.

We can mix and we can edit. Over time we might release individual tracks or clips such as this one to Instagram.

So That’s ITSLive

It’s part professional service,

Part show.

We’re working to build an audience too. Delight a group of people that like to find new music, so that – when we stream – you can benefit from that audience too.

(By the way, if that’s you – do like and share this page to see them… )

Part experiment

Tech is changing fast, Facebook for example is changing aspects of it’s live platform every week.

The opportunities are changing fast but…..

Some people will always love to hear new music and many artists love to perform.

We’d love to hear your ideas, your feedback – how can we make it better? What’s it good for? Let us know in the comments.


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