June 20


Thoughts on Music Production Styles and Song Development Methods

By Chris Britton

June 20, 2015

Recording Your Music

Music Production and Song Development

There are so many different styles of music to choose from,

Add to that a whole range of production methods.

For example you could play bhangra live and acoustic, raw, honest and in your-face or you could build it up with looped drums and autotuned vocals. You can even steal elements of each for just one song.

The Beatles for example recorded the raw honest “Twist and Shout” as well as the Uber Produced and uncoverable “Tomorrow Never Knows” – One simple yet innovative trick in TMK at the time was to turn the tape over and run it backwards and play to that.

A great studio must be ready to capture a great performance at a moments notice and then build on that.  Not all great productions start with a great performances some inspire them, but a studio team will fail when they can’t capture one when it happens.

And then you use your judgement, the tools available to create whatever you have in your head or stumble upon in experiments.

We work with you to produce the recordings that you want in the style that you want and add any productions

This is not some cookie-cutter music factory this is personalised production, we give you the right amount of space and input that you need for your songs, we can take charge or work for you. It’s your song.

Chris Britton

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