August 3


Sennheiser chooses Silver Street to Record and Interview Craig Blundell for their PRO TALK series.

By Chris Britton

August 3, 2017

We were delighted when the Sennheiser Pro Talk guys called and said that they would like to use our drum recording room to record an interview with renowned drummer Craig Blundell.

If you’re into drums and drum recording then it’s a great interview, covering everything from how he got started, working with the greats and how technology has changed everything.

Craig Blundell Interview – Sennheiser Pro Talk

All Text from the Sennheiser Pro Talk YouTube Channel –

Part One

Craig Blundell looks back and explains how it all came about that he became a professional drummer. In the first episode of the latest Sennheiser PRO TALK, he reminisces about the long way into playing drums and the music business. Find out how Blundell got from playing on his mother’s pots and pans to a professional drummer with his own home drum studio, where he finally fulfills his dream of bringing the sound to life. Stay tuned and don’t miss the next Blundell PRO TALK.

Part Two

It is surely a long and hard way to become a renowned drummer. Craig Blundell believed in himself and took the plunge. He quit his day job to focus on his career as drummer and teacher. In the latest Sennheiser PRO TALK, he speaks about his start in the business and reveals his ethos for recording and engineering drums. Be sure not to miss the next PRO TALK with Blundell.

Part Three

How does a perfect set-up look like? Drum-geek Craig Blundell chooses a minimal set-up with overhead and kick. For a perfectly pure sound, Sennheiser microphones E 9O1 and E 9O2 are essential as well as Neumann’s U87s, which pick up the warmth in the room. In the third Sennheiser PRO TALK the drummer reveals more about his style of settings and tells the story of a badly gone audition for Celine Dion.

Part Four

Drummer Craig Blundell is a perfectionist and no matter the work load, he always gives his best. Every client deserves the same professionalism and attention to details, says Blundell in the interview with Sennheiser PRO TALK. Listen to him talk about the pet peeves and challenges of being a professional drummer. Subscribe to our channel and be sure never to miss the latest uploads.

Part Five

In the last episode of Sennheiser PRO TALK with Craig Blundell, the drummer speaks about the advantages of home studios and the impact of technology. While earlier it would take a long time to export and send files, nowadays a session can be viewed live through video transmission and feedback is given immediately. Blundell goes on and talks about his working principles. Even as one of the best drummers, he still relies on the ethos of keep pushing himself further and further.

Thanks to everyone involved for allowing us to host this recording, all production is by Sennheiser.

If you’re interested in recording great sounding drums for your project in our drum room then please see our drum recording page.


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