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Here Comes the Sun Sessions We got involved in the Rising Sun Arts Centres  brilliant –   ‘Here Comes the Sun’ festival this august and offered free recordings. The Catch? No rehearsal, what you see is first take, live as it happens recordings. Umair and Graeme did the recording honours whilst Darren and James of DefKidMusic cobbled together a couple of old tape … Read more

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Kill Murray Drum recording to go

Kill Murray Recording Drums at Silver Street Studios

This weekend we’ve had two bands in the studio recording drums to go. The first band Kill Murray are an Oxford Supergroup featuring Gus Rogers (Dial F For Frankenstein), Aaron Delgado (Phantom Theory), Scott McGregor (Dial F for Frankenstein) and Chris Hutchinson (50ft Panda). With Umair Chaudhry at the controls, they recorded the drums for their EP to be released later … Read more