August 20


Ocean Ruins – Aquedukt Session

By Chris Britton

August 20, 2015


Ocean Ruins

Kate and Dave from Ocean Ruins came back to the studio to record 2 tracks live for Aquedukt.

Having recently found a drummer, we asked them to strip back down to an acoustic session for this session. Describing themselves as Indie Rock with a folk heart, they played two gorgeous tunes for us. Here them here, subscribe to the channel and if you get a chance – catch them live

Ocean Ruins – “No Regrets”

Ocean Ruins – “Tired and wasted” 

Recorded live at Silver Street Studios 18th August 2015 Sound By Umair Chaudhry, Cameras – Daniel Brant and Vision Mix by Graeme Rawson.

Catch them live at The Oakford Social Club Wednesday 26th August or check their listings for more events


Chris Britton

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