September 21


Live acoustic session Videos

By Chris Britton

September 21, 2012

Here Comes the Sun Sessions

We got involved in the Rising Sun Arts Centres  brilliant –   ‘Here Comes the Sun’ festival this august and offered free recordings. The Catch? No rehearsal, what you see is first take, live as it happens recordings. Umair and Graeme did the recording honours whilst Darren and James of DefKidMusic cobbled together a couple of old tape cams and some iPhone footage for the videos. Some lovely pop shield in the face performances follow, enjoy.

Here Comes The Sun - Live acoustic recordingsDeborah Ferguson and Nigel Firth – Dock of the Bay

One of the nicest things about days like these is the impromptu get-togethers. Nigel and Deborah met at the festival and this is their first run through of Otis Redding’s famous dock of the Bay, and what a great version it is.

The August List – “Slow burn”

The August List played in the garden at last years festival and were one of the bands that motivated me to get involved this year. People this good shouldn’t be left outside, so we invited them in.

Aubrey Dye Welch – “Itch”

Aubrey Dye Welch – the lead singer of Magpies And Thieves played the main festival and dropped in to demo and debut this track “Itch” A belter of a tune.

Damien A Passmore – “The one that got away”

Damien opened the day for us in between playing and compering the main festival. We’re glad he didn’t get away.

Lawrence Piddock – “Let’s Go Nuts”

Who knew? DJ dreadnought snuck in and showed us that he has a delicate side. The Bitter Sweet – “Let’s go nuts”

Vienna Ditto – “Wintertime”

The utterly brilliant, and ever-so-slightly drunk ‘Vienna Ditto’ whisper their way through “Wintertime” their brittle homage to the double G.

Jason Boyd – “Instrumental”

Jason makes his own guitars and boy can he play them. He’s just moved to the area. Welcome to Reading Jason!

R is for Reptle – “Can’t Get Away”

This infectious little ditty comes from 2 of the reptiles.

William Trevlyan – “Love is on the Run”

Will is better known for his Big Day Out . No not Wallace and Gromit but Bracknell festival and outdoor events

Dan Cooper – ” I need  you around”

You’ll normally find find Dan behind the desk at the Rising Sun. Here he introduces us to the Smoking Popes, with his cover of I need you around.

Preacher Jon – “Drinking Vinegar Wine”

The Rising Sun’s very own Preacher Jon whose shoes are full of holes but he’s not done yet.

Alan Levy – “The Open Road”


Kicking Tv – “Very Trying”

We’re having temporary troubble locating the video for Kicking Tv. We’ll chase this down and update as soon as we can.

Meanwhile here are the soundcloud versions of the day> Please Share !


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