September 3


Jimmy The Dog – Live Video from Here Comes the Sun Festival – ITSLive

By Chris Britton

September 3, 2015

HCTS2015, ITSLive

Jimmy The Dog – “If this old horse could talk”

As part of this year’s “Here Come the Sun Festival” at the Rising Sun Arts Centre we recorded a ridiculous 12 artists on video – which involved recording a new video every 25 minutes! …And they’re all great!

Jimmy played at the festival and none of us had ever met him before. That’s one of the special things about the festival, meeting new people on camera! Jimmy describes himself as Heartland Rock and Americana and we like it very much!

Find Jimmy And on our sister site aquedukt 

Sound by Umair , Video by the inimitable Daniel J Brant – with video mix by Harry Brewis.




Chris Britton

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