October 29


ITSLive The Fleas – Live In The Studio

By Chris Britton

October 29, 2014


The Fleas performed a cracking set for our second full In-The- Studio  Session.

It’s hard playing to an invisible audience, under the lights and entirely acoustic. We love how they got us jumping, itching and scratching – squashed up at the end of the room – Like Five fleas in a pod.


Walk Don’t Walk

Ursa Minor

Dressed As Food


The Fleas Interview


A massive thankyou to the Fleas for coming down a second time, and to Graeme and Umair for their time.

The Fleas can be found at www.thefleas.biz – we think they’re the Fleas Knees!

Performing In-The-Studio is by invite only, but if you’re interested in doing something with us along similar lines, let’s talk.

We do smaller single song sessions – completely free. Make sure that you signup here

Chris Britton

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