December 1


How to export audio from Pro Tools in preparation for online mixing

By Chris Britton

December 1, 2013

To export individual tracks from Pro Tools the best way is to ‘consolidate’ each track.


  • 1. Either hold SHIFT on loading the project to bypass all plugins. Or OPTION + COMMAND + CLICK (MAC), or ALT + CONTROL + CLICK (PC) on each plugin row.
  • 2. Set all the faders to zero.
  • 3. Highlight each track from beginning to end and goto Edit > Consolidate. This will merge all events on the track to a single file.
  • Online Mixing - Consolidate Region - Pro Tools
  • 4. Select the newly consolidated events. This will also highlight the respective files in the Clip List. Open the Clip List menu and goto Export Clips as Files. Choose a location for the files then export.

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