December 1


How to export audio from Logic in preparation for online mixing

By Chris Britton

December 1, 2013

Sometimes you need to know how to export your audio files in order to work with somebody on another DAW, for playback on a hard drive recorder in a live situation or because you need to prepare your files for online mixing . Fortunately there is an easy function in Logic to export all tracks individually:

  1.  Set all the faders to zero.
  2.  Goto File > Export > Export All Tracks as Audio Files
  3. online mixing - All Tracks as audio files logic
  4.  Select AIFF or WAV as the Save Format, and set the bit depth to 24 bit
  5.  Check the ‘Bypass Effect Plug-ins’ check box
  6.  Choose the location for the files (In it’s own folder) and click save

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