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How to export audio from Cubase in preparation for online mixing

By umair chaudhry

December 1, 2013

Exporting individual tracks from Cubase is relatively simple, thanks to the ‘Batch’ export function.


  1. First bypass inserts on all the channels. You can do this individually by clicking the bypass button for each plugin in the project, or if you have Cubase 7 use the global insert bypass switch.
  2. Bypass all channel EQs, either individually by using the bypass EQ button or use the global eq bypass switch (Cubase 7).Online Mixing - Export from Cubase
  3. Reset all channel input gain controls to zero.
  4. Reset all channel faders to zero by clicking on each fader while holding CTRL (PC) or CMD (Mac).
  5. Set the locators to the start and end of the song.
  6. Bring up the Export window by going to File -> Export -> Audio Mixdown. Name the song and set the output path for the files. Select ‘Wave’ as the file format, and set the Sample rate / Bit rate to match your project (you can check these by going to Project -> Project Setup. Leave all the boxes unticked.
  7. In the ‘Channel Selection’ section tick ‘Channel Batch Export’, then tick the box of each channel you want to export.Online Mixing - Batch Export Audio Cubase
  8. Click ‘Export’ to export each of the selected channels down to seperate WAV files.

Upload your files ready for online mixing

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