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Why your demo isn’t getting you the attention you deserve

By Chris Britton

May 16, 2016

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Why your demo isn’t getting you the attention you deserve and what to do about it

You’ve recorded your demo, uploaded it to Soundcloud, posted it to your Facebook page and apart from a few cursory likes from friends and family – there’s been no attention at all – why is this?

The simple answer is that it just doesn’t compete well next to produced music. But bear with me, this is not a thinly veiled advert for recording in a studio – yet. Consider this –

The average listener now plays a constant stream of music from different sources and so a roughly recorded demo may get played next to a world famous album. Obviously, it will stand out as being of low quality immediately, meaning:

  • A listener won’t enjoy it as much,
  • It will get low shares,
  • Subconsciously people will feel that you’re not taking yourself seriously, and so they don’t either.

So why make a demo at all?

A demo of your song is still insanely useful for these purposes:

  • to listen at least one step removed from performing it to gain perspective,
  • to try different versions or arrangements of your song.
  • to teach the song to your band or fellow musicians,
  • to discuss proper recording with a producer,
  • to document your creation..
  • It may be enough to showcase your songwriting and your ability to perform to local promoters

Just please, don’t publish it.

Don’t put it on your Facebook Page. Don’t put it on a public Soundcloud.

Don’t put it anywhere public on your music promotion platform.

Even if it has the charm to be released as say a b-side, whatever that is these days. I suggest that you keep it private until you have many full releases under your belt.

How to make a demo in 2017

You don’t need to go to the expense of using a studio to make a demo.

If the purpose of the recording is as discussed above you – you are much better off learning to make your own sketch demos and using a recording studio when you are ready to make a professional release to the public.

We’ve created a guide to help you make simple, don’t let tech get in the way, recordings. So that you can move quicker towards a proper release.

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