The 4 Biggest Reasons To Play An Open Mic Night This Week.

4 Resaons Why You SHould Play An Open mic Night This Week

If you are a musician just starting out, and let’s face it starting out is a position that we return to often, open mic nights are a great way to begin if you can play acoustically. Open mic nights are events where anybody can turn up with their instrument, sign up and if there are spaces be given a spot to play that night.  Some open mic hosts do require you to signup beforehand, however. Also, most open mics are focused on acoustic music but some allow backing tracks in both cases, do check with the promoter beforehand.

Open mic nights may not be super busy, or get you massive attention – but should you bother, what’s the point? I very much think so – read on to find out the four biggest reasons why you should play an open mic night this week.

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