July 3


5 Things to do before you reach the studio.

By Graeme Rawson

July 3, 2016

Preparing To Go Into The Studio

Here are 5 things you can do to get ready for your studio day!

Make a demo

You’ve probably made one already, but recording or rerecording a very quick demo is a great way to finalise your thoughts on the song you’re going to record at the studio.  Do it on your phone at a band practice or just by yourself.  If you send the demo to your producer or bring it with you on the day it can be used to dictate the tempo and structure of the song.


All musicians practice as a matter of course, but practicing for the studio is a different process to practicing for a gig.  Try playing along to a metronome. Try playing your part without singing or without your fellow bandmates to guide you.  The better you know your song inside out, the faster and more efficient your record day can be.

Write out your lyrics

When the record light is on, it’s very easy to lose yourself and confuse your lyrics. I know that I certainly have a tendency to swap entire verses around! Having the lyrics printed out or on an iPad can also help instrumentalists keep track of their position in takes.  Think about adding chords and notes like “solo here” or “breakdown” for them.

Look after your instruments

Your instruments need to sound the best they can during the session.  This will usually mean restringing guitars (a week before for acoustic, 2-3 days for electric), tuning drums and maybe changing their heads if they’re a little old.   Check that your instrument cables are in working condition and that your pedals have batteries or enough power supplies for them to last a day.  Drummers, think about oiling your pedals, no one likes a squeaky kick.

Look after yourself

The night or day before is very important.  I don’t want to sound like your mum, but maybe have a night in? Relax, watch a film, tomorrow will be hard work. If you’re singing don’t over use your voice, looking after it is your equivalent to my previous point and you should be aware of an important singing date up to a week in advance.

Essentially you’re going to have to be really on it by about mid-morning the next day, so avoid hangovers and sleeping in too late because it can cause drowsiness.

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