March 28


Recording Andy Moir’s – Johari Window EP

By Joe Dudding

March 28, 2017

Joe Dudding

Recently Andy Moir came into the studio to work with Joe Dudding on an acoustic recording for his new EP – Johari Window

Have a listen below and read on to see how it happened.

Andy Moir Plays Guitar

Previously one-half of acoustic duo Scattered Few, Andy has been writing and performing as a solo acoustic artist since 2014.

He’s a guy that’s constantly innovating and experimenting with his style.

To me, he represents an outside-the-box way of thinking that really shows in his playing.

He smacks the body of the guitar to make a rhythm while his fingers dance around the neck. He champions exotic tunings, the mark of a player who wants to push the boundaries of what you can achieve with a guitar.

He’s a real master of his instrument.

He had recorded his first EP ‘The Silent Orator‘ in June 2015, and of course, had not stopped writing since. He brought his favourites with him to the one day session he booked out.

The Session – Recording Acoustic Guitar

I got Andy set up comfortably in the live room and spent a while finding the acoustic sweet spot, a process I repeated a few times for each guitar.

We talked about the arrangement of the tracks and made some subtle changes to the structure to package them in the best way.

I did a bit of experimentation with stereo mic techniques to get a wide sound. I’m generally not a fan of stereo micing acoustic guitars in the context of a multi-tracked and multi-instrumental song, as I feel it can confuse the stereo image. However, with a solo acoustic guitar EP it worked really nicely.

Andy worked really fast, and we got a number of songs down in a fairly short time.

We even had a bit of fun recording Andy brushing his guitar with a paintbrush – recording EQ sweeps to get a sea noise for the song ‘Oceans Rise’, but in the end I felt it just didn’t sound natural enough to feature on the final release.

Even though we knew we didn’t have a lot of time to meet the goals that Andy wanted to achieve, the session had a prevailing sense of calm and the relaxed attitude meant that we could get everything we needed without a hint of panic.

The mixing process was fairly simple, as the recordings were of a good quality. I just used a couple of compressors to control the dynamics a bit (as there was quite a considerable difference for the parts where he smacks the guitar), a bit of EQ to remove some room tone and brighten, and some nice reverb to pretty it up.


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