July 4


5 Great Bandcamp features

By Graeme Rawson

July 4, 2016

Building Your Online Music Platform

Bandcamp has some amazing features for artists looking to self release their own music.  It can offer small and developing artists some really advanced marketing and sales tools.

Here are 5 of our favourite Bandcamp features.

Pay What You Want

You can set your own price for each release and even each individual song, including free. You might find that Pay What You Want is a more accessible introduction to your music for new fans, whilst allowing fans to support you voluntarily.  And they will. Lots of people like to feel they are supporting you in a more direct and personal way, I’ve even had quite a few fans pay well above the usual download price!  

Mailinglist Integration

Bandcamp can ask all of your downloaders to subscribe to your mailing list. You can then export these addresses in a single file that you can import into Mailchimp or similar mailing list host.  Remember that your fan’s privacy is important and can get you into trouble if not cared for! Whilst Bandcamp and Mailchimp will look after that data for you, you are responsible for that list in between. I suggest deleting it once imported.

Discount/Free Download Codes

If you have set a minimum price on your releases, you can offer unique discount codes or free download codes to people.  The free download links are a great way of sending your music to bloggers or promoters without having to set up multiple download locations. Or you could use them as a way of rewarding fans for shares.

Physical Sales

Actual CDs are a great way of capturing fans at gigs, so loads of musicians are still producing physical copies of their music.  If you’re making physicals don’t forget to add them under release details, anyone buying the item will also get access to the download immediately.  Bandcamp gives you the tools to track and manage orders, including setting postage costs and marking items as dispatched.  

Merchandise Sales

So once you’re selling CDs or Vinyls, you may as well be selling T-Shirts, right? Well, okay, realistically you need to be producing these things for other reasons, gig sales etc, but if you are printing t-shirts, mugs or whatever else, get it on Bandcamp. I love the way you can offer a free download of a track with each purchase.

Adding CDs and Merch to your download pages can turn Bandcamp into your very own custom online store.

Graeme Rawson

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