April 20


3 ways we can record singer-songwriters

By Chris Britton

April 20, 2016

Recording Your Music

It’s a big question, and one we get asked a lot.

“How long will it take to record a song? ” or sometimes “How much will it cost? ” Which is really the same question, unless perhaps it’s an emergency…

So I thought i’d try and answer this as well as I can. In reality you’ll find what works best for you with time, and like most things it’s all about cycles…..

Here are the three ways we like to record acoustic singer-songwriters. I’m talking about someone singing and playing the guitar.

Totally Live

We’ll get you comfortable in tune, relaxed and warm. Run through a few times and then mic you up and record you as you are, warts and all. We’ll probably use 3 mics 2 on the guitar and 1 on the voice and you’ll sound great.

Pro’s – it’s quick!

It’s sound’s live – Think Live Lounge


You can’t edit mistakes, although in theory you can splice whole takes together if they are of the same tempo etc.

You make a mistake on the guitar or the vocal you’ll have to do it all over again.

The other extreme

We Layer it

Setup a click or a loop or a drum pattern – a simple metronome and you play the guitar a long to this.

We’ll then layer

This is really the only way to do it if you want any drums, percussion or rhythm elements.

Pro’s we can drop you in, copy parts work on getting it right.

The middle way

A simple way of producing a great result is to put down a live performance to capture the feel, and then replace everything. So play along with guitar and then layer up

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