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Want to find more fans, get better gigs and sell and stream more tracks? 

You need a great recording

Whether it's just for yourself - for posterity, or to finally give your music career your best shot. It's time for you to make the recordings that you know your music deserves. We help you make music that you're proud of. Ready to release and finally get you the attention you deserve.

Great recordings aren’t just for signed artists.

We've been recording musicians since the early 90's, in fact we're by far Reading's longest running studio, and for good reason. In that time we've recorded 1000's of songs by 100's of artists garnering perhaps millions of plays.

As artists ourselves we understand what it's like to put yourself out there creatively. You want to make recordings that you'll be proud of, that capture you and your ideas. You want to gain some attention for those recordings.

Work with us and we'll help you turn the music in your head into releases in the stores and streams.

Then we'll give you all the release support that we can, to get your music heard and get you the recognition and attention that your music deserves.

Silver Street Studios is based in the centre of Reading, BERKS. 5 Minutes walk from the Town Centre – 10 mins from the railway station. There’s parking, and a garden – we’re based in the thriving Rising Sun Arts Centre but also offer complete privacy.

Our Team Is Here to Help You Succeed

Studio Founder Chris, helps artists find their perfect producer, make the most of their finished music and take the next steps with their releases.

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Our Lead Engineer / Producer. Graeme helps songwriters create professional releases with extra instrumentation, layers and production when required.

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Spencer helps acoustic artists obtain recordings that show off their natural sound. Drawn from his experience as both a player and live sound engineer.

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Let's Talk About Your Music

Want to get in touch? Send Chris Britton a message here.

Prefer to phone? Call Chris on 07888 739050 and leave me a voice mail.

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