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Music Production

If you want to work in depth on songs, for a single, EP or album, you may need help with additional instrumentation​​ or arrangement. 

Maybe you want to make a more polished or ‘produced’ record or need someone to create the sounds you hear in your head – If you’re a songwriter we can help you with our Music Production services.


If you’re experienced, well rehearsed or just looking to capture a more ‘raw’ sound – much like how you play live. ​We’d love the opportunity to record you. We have slightly different approaches for if you are a Singer-Songwriter, Band or a Singer or Rapper.  ​


If you’ve recorded elsewhere, including at home, and you’re looking for a pro to finish off your project. We can bring out the best with a great sounding mix. ​With revisions until you’re happy, we’re confident that you’ll be delighted.


When you’re happy with your recording, and your mix. Our mastering service will make sure that your track sounds great next to other songs, on all different systems in all different spaces.

Rehearsal​ Room

If you need somewhere to prepare your songs or musicians, ​maybe even record a live demo, we offer a small amount of rehearsal time in our awesome sounding live room – Book a rehearsal now

Dry Hire and Long Term Lets​

If you’re a producer working on your own projects and need a recording space dry-hire, or an artist looking for long term lets.​


If you’re looking for the quickest and cheapest way to get something good for your website and social media.  Why not try our multi-camera, live performance video ( Suit solo, acoustic and small acts), check out our #ITSLive video service.  

Platform, Marketing and Distribution Services

We can help you build your music platform or website and associated services including online distribution to iTunes and Spotify. Get in touch

Voice Over podcasts and Corporate Media

For a full range of voice-over, podcast and video services for business – see our Glisten Media Site ​


In over 25 Years of service we’ve helped 100’s of artists record 1000’s of songs, resulting in millions of plays

If you want to make the best recordings of your songs, become a better recording artist and get the recognition that you deserve – we’re here to help.​​​

Contact us if you have any questions about any of our services, or for a quote.

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