Recording Studio

Recording Studio in Reading Berkshire

Our professional music studio is located within five minutes walk of Reading Town centre, yet hidden away, It has been serving musicians for over 21 years.

Talented, professional and creative team

I have a team of highly skilled, qualified and well trained engineers as well as creative and helpful music producers that can help you with pretty much anything that you might need to do in a studio. We’re all different with different tastes.

I think that successful recording is all about  relationships and Recording studios are a tool that you learn to use over time. Deciding who to work with is maybe as important as deciding where.  I can help you decide  the best person for you to work with to get the best possible results for your project.

Great acoustics – Built in.

I’ve spent a lot of effort making our space sound as good as possible whilst allowing flexibility.  So it’s hard, bright and lively by default but by using portable acoustic treatment we can transform the sound characteristics of the space to suit your recording.

The rooms are entirely built using solid materials with hard wooden floors and slate with custom built acoustics made with wood and fabrics. I think sponges on the wall look awful and show a lack of care.  This is a recording studio not a packing company and the recording starts here.

High quality equipment

I’ve got a lot of gear, I’m always look to provide more options. I’ve assembled some world class pre amps and microphones as well as state of the art industry standard plugins.  I think with care and attention our team can give any studio a run for your money.

Fantastic results

And you probably should never book a studio without liking what you hear. Have a look at our studio or equipment, check out our services, investigate our producers or just get in touch!

Chris Britton – Owner and Studio Manager