Want recordings that get your music heard? 

Find more opportunities, more engagement and make music that you are proud of.

Are you looking to record and release your own music?

You know that fans, gigs, likes and record sales don’t just fall out of the sky…

And promoters aren’t exactly beating a path to your door. 

Maybe your attempts at demos have left you feeling frustrated and, well – a little bit amateur. 

You feel that if you don’t put something great out there that you’ll be sat in your bedroom playing to yourself forever.

Don’t go and make it worse by recording in someone else’s bedroom or worse still, some after-thought add-on to a rehearsal room.

Great recordings shouldn’t just be for signed artists.

Silver Street Studios help songwriters become working recording artists.  

As artists ourselves we understand what it’s like to put yourself out there creatively. 

You want you to make recordings that you’ll be proud of, that capture you and your ideas. 

Work with us and we’ll help to make your songs releasable and spreadable. Getting you the attention you deserve.

Khamsina - Beating Back The Sky (Official Video)

Malumi - Lullaby

Nobodies Birthday - She's The World

“…Quality was amazing, came back again and again and again and eventually ended up recording my very first EP and released it and now I gig all around town and I’m going to be returning to record my second EP imminently”

Bruce Neil


Why do I need a great recording?

Create greater opportunities

  • More and better reviews
  • More interest from Promoters and agents – creating the potential for more and better gigs.
  • More likelihood of plays on blogs and radio which in turn gains you more exposure

Get more engagement

  • Listeners are more likely to like and share great recordings
  • More comments and signups
  • More sales

Make music that you’ll be proud of

  • Music that you love 
  • That other people love
  • ​A real sense of achievement 
  • You’re a recording artist now

    Our Production Plan


Get in touch – We’ll discuss your needs and agree a recording plan with you.


Come to the studio and record. 

We’ll guide you through the process.


Leave with a Master and a release checklist – We’ll support your release

Let’s talk about your project?


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    Why your demo isn't getting you the attention you deserve and what to do about it You've uploaded your demo to Soundcloud, posted it to your Facebook page and apart from a few cursory likes from friends and family - there's been no attention at all - why is this? The simple answer is that it just doesn't compete well next to produced music. But bear with me, this is not a thinly veiled advert for recording in a studio - yet. Consider this - The average listener now plays a constant stream of music from different sources and so a roughly recorded demo may get played next to a world famous album. Obviously, it will stand out as being of